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The European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) is global professional society that takes center stage in driving pioneering advancements in research, innovation and ensures timely recognition for researchers.  EAI is driven by a powerful mission: to foster improved research environments and turn the best ideas into valuable innovations through collaborative communities.

The Smart Life Summit, organized by EAI, brings researchers, industry experts, and the wider engaged community to Bratislava this year once again. The summit features leading expert keynote speeches, panel discussions, and conferences that cover cutting-edge aspects of the digital revolution including AI, e-health, cybersecurity, smart cities, and digital economy. Join us as we explore and share know-how in how technology is impacting human existence and shaping innovations for the future through the unique collaborative experience embodied by the summit.

Dagmar CAGÁŇOVÁ acts as General EAI Smart Life Summit Chairwoman, the Co-founder of the European Alliance for Innovation in Slovakia, and at the same time full prof. in Economics and Management of Enterprise. Prof. Cagáňová is at present Vice-Dean for Strategic Development, Projects and Innovations at the Faculty of Management, Comenius University Bratislava as well as the International Advisory Council Member of Danubius University. She is one of key summit organizer and her role is to interlink academia, industrial and business practice, governmental representatives, ambassadors and civil society.

Lucia Knapčíková acts as a Technical Program Committee Chair. She is the author of more than 260 scientific papers in Slovakia and abroad, and she owns six utility models.  She is a leader of an international project under the Action Austria-Slovakia Scheme. The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, in support of the development of science and technology and the recognition of exceptional achievements in this field, awarded the Science and Technology Awards – the highest award in science and technology, for 2018.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Mgr. Dagmar Caganova, PhD.

General Chair

[email protected]
Professor in Business Economics and Management Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia Vice-Dean for Strategic Development, Projects and Innovations at the Faculty of Management, Comenius University Bratislava

Assoc. Prof. Lucia Knapcikova

Technical Program Committee Chair

[email protected]
Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies, Slovakia

Professor Dragan Perakovic, PhD.

MSc. Natalia Hornakova, PhD.

Assoc. prof. MSc. Michal Holubcik, PhD.

Assoc. prof. MSc. Milan Edl, PhD.

Assoc. prof. MSc. Vitalii Ivanov, PhD.

Assoc. prof. MSc. Ivan Pavlenko, PhD.

Assoc. prof. MSc. Grigore Pop, PhD.

Mim. Prof. Stefano Cavagnetto, PhD.

Bc. Maria Hajdikova

Ing. Mgr. Frantisek Mark Molnar

Summit Manager

Mgr. Katarina Antalova
[email protected]
European Alliance for Innovation

Mgr. Radka Vasileiadis
[email protected]
European Alliance for Innovation