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Smart Life Summit

The European Alliance for Innovation: Smart Life Summit is a space that connects the best minds and most influential stakeholders from of the all the fields contributing to the landscape of better tomorrow. Partnership with us is a partnership for the future.

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Demos are interactive and visually attractive sessions that feature mature systems or novel and innovative prototypes. Demos are designed to accompany technical sessions and workshops at EAI sponsored events.


Exhibits are stands or booths established in a dedicated area accessible to the participants of the Technical Sessions and Workshops at EAI sponsored events. Exhibits are often combined with demos or poster sessions.


Workshops are smaller-scale technical events limited to a specialised topic area within the general scope of the main conference. Workshops are commonly organised to explore emerging technologies or to demonstrate innovative solutions to novel technological challenges.


Tutorials are smaller scale events administered by one or more instructors who are recognized experts in a specific field. The main objective of a tutorial is to educate participants on a selected topic or a specific application related to an EAI sponsored event.


Panels are forums to stimulate ideas and express opinions freely among all participants while being moderated by an acknowledged expert in the field. Panels are planned to encourage interaction between the panel members and the audience and make the event more interactive and dynamic. Panels are integral parts of Technical Sessions and Workshops at EAI sponsored events.


Poster sessions provide an opportunity for the participants of the technical sessions and workshops at EAI sponsored events to present a paper in front of a wide audience for a prolonged period of time. Posters sessions are designed for authors with papers still in a preliminary phase of development who need direct feedback to advance their work into respected scientific publications. In addition, papers containing ideas that are better explained visually can benefit extensively from a poster session.

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