Ján Kyselovič

Ján Kyselovič

Director of Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information

Prof. Jan Kyselovic, PharmD, PhD –  after his PhD study of Pharmacology in Medical Faculty and postdoc stay at Department of Pharmacology, Medical Faculty, Ottawa University, Canada he started work at Faculty of Pharmacy. During the years 1996-2002 he worked as a visiting scientist at Department of Pharmacology, Medical Faculty, Catholic University Brussels, Belgium. Currently he holds position as head of Clinical Research Unit, 5th Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine at Faculty of Medicine, and professor of pharmacy, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, Kosice. He is emeritus dean of Faculty Pharmacy and the chair in Department of Pharmacology. From 2020 he is General Director of Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information.

In the years 2012-2018, he worked as an EU expert for innovative medicine and worked in the Commission for Advanced Medical Products EMA in London. He has also been working for a long time as the vice-chairman of the Ethics Commission of the VÚC Bratislava, an assessor of the State Institute for the Control of Medicines and, since 2015, as the chairman of the Ethics Commission of the Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry.

He has been supervisor theses of 8 for the BSc, 1 for the MSc, 48 theses for the award PharmD, 2 for the RND and 9 PhD student. He leads a team working on extrapolation of experimental and clinical pharmacology and molecular medicine. His innovations in this field led to the receipt of the more than 6 international and 14 domestic grants, in a total amount exceeding €2.5 million.

Professor Kyselovic has authored/co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed full articles, 2 books co-author, 2 book co-editor and 5 textbooks.

He is member at three scientific boards of: Comenius University Bratislava, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy University, Kosice, Slovakia. He was also member of faculty scientific boards of Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical Faculty, Bratislava and Brno. He has also served on a number Grant Review Boards and has been member of Editorial Board for journals related to pharmacy and pharmacology (Clinical Osteology, Folia Medica, Czech and Slovak Pharmacy, Farmaceutický obzor, Lekárnik, Bedeker Zdravia, Medicínsky Monitor).