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We are delighted to introduce the authors and their accepted topics for the Smart Life Summit's technical sessions on October 25th and 26th. Stay tuned for further updates

EAI International Conference on Future Access Enablers of Ubiquitous and Intelligent Infrastructures

Saed Alrabaee United Arab Emirates University An Efficient Strategy for Deploying Deception Technology
Saed Alrabaee United Arab Emirates University Empirical evaluations of machine learning effectiveness in detecting web application attacks
Sheri Osborn The University of Texas A Blockchain Patient-Centric Records Framework for Older Adult Healthcare
Ding, Huan Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College
Visual Understanding Algorithm of Art Aided Design Scene in Digital Background
Xie, Yuxi 2Royal College of Art Kensington Gore
Li, Linyu Weifang Engineering Vocational College Simulation of Intelligent Color Matching Algorithm for Art Design Based on Markov Model
SHAN, Li Dalian Polytechnic University Simulation of automatic recognition system for Japanese text mistranslation sentences based on deep neural network algorithm
Liu, Yan Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University Research on the Development Countermeasures of Ecological Animal Husbandry Tourism in Jilin Province under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization Based on Big Data Mining
Sun, Wenming Anhui Open University, Hefei
Model Construction of Chinese Green Finance System Based on AHP algorithm; Sun, Wenming
Du, Juan Anhui Open University, Hefei
Tomas Madicak Technical University of Kosice The use of data in BIM technology and effects on profitability of construction projects in Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia
Jakub Kascak Technical University of Kosice Photogrammetry in a virtual environment
Jana Smetankova Technical University of Kosice Parameters of sustainability in the context of decarbonization and circular construction sector
Ajayi, Oluwaseun Kayode Obafemi Awolowo University
Performance Enhancement with Denavit-Hartenberg (D-H) algorithm and Faster-RCNN for a 5 DOF sorting robot
Adeyi, Abiola John Ladoke Akintola University of Technology
Olanrele, Oladeji Technical University, Ibadan
Arojo, Timilehin Akinfolarin Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife
Ogunnaike, Ayodeji Samson Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife
Stella Hrehova Technical University of Kosice Possibilities of applying augmented reality elements in the concept of lean management
Jozef Husar Technical University of Kosice Digital Twin Ecosystem Built with PLM Software for Smart Factory
Dragan Perakovic Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Data Collection with Honeypot Server for Reverse Engineering of Malware
Lucia Knapcikova Technical University of Kosice Enhancing Circular Economy using Expert Systems
Zainab Al-Waisi IMT School for Advanced Studies Detection of Energy Consumption Cyber Attacks on Smart Devices
Samer AL-RABEEI Technical University of Kosice Analysis of Serious Challenges Faced by the Aviation Industry
Goran Jausevac University of East Sarajevo Internet to Vehicle Moving Objects Detection system for the rural road networks
Rebeka Tauberova Technical University of Kosice Online Monitoring and control FDM devices
Eva Chovancova Technical University of Kosice Decentralized social network

EAI International Conference on Management of Manufacturing Systems (MMS)

Altamirano, Fredy Univesidad Politecnica Salesiana
Cost Operation Optimization with Binary Integer Linear Programming in a Cosmetic Company
Vallejo-Huanga, Diego Univesidad Politecnica Salesiana
Knapcikova, Lucia Technical University of Kosice
Concept of Mixed Reality Application Design for Technical Solutions
Trojanowska, Justyna Poznan University of Technology
Cvitic, Ivan University of Zagreb
Data Collection with Honeypot Server for Reverse Engineering of Malware Paper Accepted
Perisa, Marko University of Zagreb
Vladava, Josip University of Zagreb
Jevremovic, Aleksandar Singidunum University
Analizing the efficiency of software distribution systems in AIoT environments
Kostic, Zona Harvard University
Veinovic, Mladen Singidunum University
Perakovic, Dragan University of Zagreb
Smetankova, Jana Technical University of Kosice
Sustainable construction: circular materials and their impacts on aspects of construction processes
Rucinsky, Rastislav Technical University of Kosice
Zemanova, Lucia Technical University of Kosice
Lazor, Gregor Technical University of Kosice
Dobrilovic, Dalibor University of Novi Sad
A method with Roulette selection strategy for path planning in UAV-based waste monitoring systems
Stojanov, Jelena University of Novi Sad
Jotanovic, Gordana University of East Sarajevo
Jausevac, Goran University of East Sarajevo
Mandicak, Tomas Technical University of Kosice
Project management and indirect operating costs by building information modelling in construction project in Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia
Behun, Marcel Technical University of Kosice
Mesaros, Peter Technical University of Kosice
Musa, Mario Hrvatska Lutrija d.o.o. Survey of Cybersecurity Risks in Online Gambling Industry
Perakovic, Dragan University of Zagreb
Cvitic, Ivan University of Zagreb
Sarcevic, Mijo The most important skills of a CIO
Knapcikova, Lucia Technical University of Kosice
Contemporary Approach of Additive Manufacturing for Sustainable Products in the Era of Circular Economy
Tauberova, Rebeka Technical University of Kosice
Kascak, Jakub Technical University of Kosice
Husar, Jozef Technical University of Kosice
Knapcikova, Lucia Technical University of Kosice
Sustainability and Circular Economy through application and processing of recycled materials into Additive Manufacturing
Tauberova, Rebeka Technical University of Kosice
Machka, Matous Czech Technical University Input-Output Product Model Adapted To Material Flow In Order To Achieve Cleaner Production in Industrial Enterprises
Yan, Naijian Yun Nan Economics Trade and Foreign affairs College Computer software programming based on C language
Qin, Yan haZhou Professional Institute of Technology
Research on fuzzy learning algorithm robot cooperation model
Wang, Ouyang haZhou Professional Institute of Technology
Gong, Minliang haZhou Professional Institute of Technology
Wang, Yang Harbin University of Commerce New research on the algorithm of human capital contribution rate based on the new economic growth theory
Song, Limei Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology A systematic study on the running cost of intelligent health care service and management specialty based on AHP algorithm
Jia, Shuwei Yunnan Medical Health College The application and development of artificial intelligence in the era of big data
Duan, Ruibo Yunnan College of foreign affairs and foreign languages Research on the construction of computer network security defense model
Zhu, Yixin Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics Modelling and Solving a Mathematical model to Optimize the Production Allocation of Ampol
Zhao, Hang Chengdu Polytechnica Evaluation of Government’s Economic Governance Capacity on Account of Big Data Technology
Byczkowska, Magdalena Jacob Paradyza Academy in Gorzowie Wielkopolski Foreign operations of companies in the light of the risk phenomenon
Jiang, Shaohua Fujian University of Technology
Simulation of Machine-Assisted Translation Model Based on Python Data Analysis
CHEN, Zheng Concord University College, Fujian Normal University
Wei, Li Sanya Aviation and Tourism College Research on the application of big data technology in the design of airport operation management sys-tem
Lei, Jiaying Yunnan University of Finance and Economics Design of Computer Model for Raw Material Supplier Selection Based on Entropy Weight TOPSIS Method
Cao, Lucui Yunnan College of Business Management Research on SOC algorithm of lithium ion battery based on new energy vehicle
Cao, Lucui Yunnan College of Business Management Data mining analysis of new energy vehicles based on cluster analysis technology
Zhao, Jidong ShanDong JiaoTong University Applied Analysis of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in Data Mining

EAI International Conference on Mobility, IoT and Smart Cities (Mobility IoT)

Changes of the calculation of the ride utilization coefficient due to the COVID-19 pandemic Poliak, Milos (University of Zilina); Poliakova, Adela (University of Zilina); Svabova, Lucia (University of Zilina); Hajduk, Iwona (University of Zilina); Nica, Elvira (Bucharest University of Economic Studies)
Mathematical Model of Transport Stream Sustainability at Road Network Areas During Traffic Jams Vojtov, Viktor (State Biotechnological University); Muzylyov, Dmitriy (State Biotechnological University); Caganova, Dagmar (Comenius University Bratislava); Karnaukh, Mykola (State Biotechnological University); Kozenok, Anna (State Biotechnological University); Babych, Inna (State Biotechnological University); Ivanov, Vitalii (Sumy State University, Ukraine)
Machine learning regression model in MATLAB for predicting gas emissions during the pellet combustion Čajová Kantova, Nikola (University of Žilina); Backa, Alexander   (University of Žilina); Holubcik, Michal (University of Zilina); Čaja, Alexander (University of Zilina); Nosek, Radovan (University of Zilina)
Air quality improvement based on the application of emission monitoring system with triangulation
Loyalty programs in postal services in accordance with the concept of Smart Cities Kicova, Eva (University of Zilina); Fabus, Juraj (University of Zilina); Gajanova, Lubica (University of Zilina); Kramarova, Katarina (University of Zilina)
Supporting Smart Cities through Marketing Communication in the Field of Public Transport Kicova, Eva (University of Zilina)
Optimization of 3D Computer Model Parameters for Spherical Elements Modeling Pasternak, Viktoriya (Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University); Zabolotnyi, Oleg (Lutsk National Technical University); Caganova, Dagmar (Comenius University in Bratislava)
Assessment of the Managerial and Marketing Changes in the German Pharmaceutical Market from the Point of View of the Wholesalers Gubiniova, Katari­na (Comenius University Bratislava); Erdem, Haslreiter-Yilmaz (Comenius University Bratislava); Pajtinkova Bartakova, Gabriela (Comenius University in Bratislava)
A Qualitative Analysis of the Impact of Marketing Tools on (Over)Consumption in the B2C Market Depending on the Gender of Customers Gubiniova, Katarina (Comenius University Bratislava) ; Starchon, Peter (Comenius University Bratislava); Vilcekova, Lucia (Comenius University Bratislava); Erdem, Haslreiter-Yilmaz (Comenius University Bratislava)
Product Packaging in the Context of Unsustainability: Slovak Consumers’ Opinions on the Complexity of Selected Products and Their Excessive Packaging Gubiniova, Katari­na  (Comenius University Bratislava); Benda Prokeinova, Renata (Slovak University of Agriculture)
Digital Currency as an Option Payment for the Goods in E-commerce Kremenova, Iveta (University of Zilina); Fabus, Juraj (Zilinska univerzita v Ziline); Koncova, Dominika (Zilinska univerzita v Ziline)
An engaging mobile application for tourists with gamification elements that promotes lesser-known coffee shops in the Copenhagen suburbs Bjorner, Thomas (Aalborg University); Krupa, Maria (Aalborg University)
Intelligent Devices Used in Healthcare Novakova, Karin (University of Zilina); Haluskova, Bronislava (University of Zilina); Ristvej, Jozef (University of Zilina)
Methods of Choosing Technology for Improving the Environmental Indicators of Vehicles Zakharchuk, Victor (Lutsk National Technical University); Zakharchuk, Oleh (Lutsk National Technical University); Tolstushko, Mykola (Lutsk National Technical University); Tolstushko, Natalia (Lutsk National Technical University); Shevchuk, Vitaliy (Uman National University of Horticulture); Shevchuk, Misha (Uman National University of Horticulture)
Unlocking Smart Mobility Potential in the Slovak Republic: A Comprehensive Analysis of Indicators, Clustering, and Regression Insights Kona, Andrej (University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius)
SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY FOR THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF MODERN URBAN AGGLOMERATIONS Shramenko, Natalya (Baden-Wurttemberg Institute of Sustainable Mobility, Hochschule Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences); Hupfer, Christoph (Baden-Wurttemberg Institute of Sustainable Mobility, Hochschule Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences)
Increasing the Resilience of the Municipalities Citizens  to Crisis Event with the Support of Social Networks Kubas, Jozef (University of Zilina); Ristvej, Jozef (University of Zilina)